PHYS299B Research Experience

Physics 299B, “Developing a Physics Toolbox,” is a discovery-based research course that develops skills and introduces students to real physics research. While it is a requirement for the S-STEM program, students outside the program are welcome to enroll in the course. Along with developing research and presentation skills, students engage in a 10-week research project with faculty mentors and create posters to present their final work.

The following are posters created by S-STEM students as a part of their research projects for the Spring 2016 299B class.

Building a super cold trap to identify impurities in liquid xenon Optimization of NbTi Superconductors
UV Lithography Simulations of Liquid Scintillator Tile for the Hadron Calorimeter Upgrade
Data Visualization and Analysis Using Adaptive Mesh Refinement Simulations of the Properties of Intergalactic Gas in a Comological Volume in the Early Universe Compton Scattering and Bremsstrahlung Cooling Balance in AGN Feedback Mechanism