PHYS 399 Survey Courses

Physics 399 is the series of S-STEM Survey Courses. Each supported semester, students must enroll in this one-credit course. The goal of this course is to identify and address needs of students as individuals and as part of the university physics community. This will be accomplished through participation in course activities, guest speakers, surveys, class discussions, skill development, and outreach activities outside of class.

The series consists of the following courses:

Identity Formation

  • Self-reflection, stress management & motivation
  • Examine approaches to problem-solving
  • Community building
  • PCAST Science Policy Activity

PHYS 299B Companion Seminar

  • Prepare and implement of inquiry-based lesson
  • Plan interactive lab tour

"TED-Style" Talk (Communicating Science)

  • Communication skills development
  • Prepare and present meaningful talk

Professional Development

  • Guest speakers
  • Develop résumé/CV
  • Mock interviews
  • Present at conferences (Department showcase, NSBP, AAPT, APS)