Current S-STEM Scholars

Maya Amouzegar

Amouzegar Maya is a transfer student, who will finish her double degree in physics and astronomy in 2016, and plans on going to graduate school in the field of high energy physics. She does research with the experimental high energy physics group at UMD on the CMS detector at the LHC at CERN. She is active in the Society of Physics Students and Women in Physics. In addition to physics, she likes travelling and enjoys learning about different cultures.

Samuel Hokanson

Hokanson Samuel is transfer student majoring in Physics at University of Maryland. He plans to continue onto graduate school following completion of his bachelor’s degree and would like to focus on Condensed Matter. In his spare time, he studies Chinese martial arts.

Landry Horimbere

Horimbere Landry is a senior majoring in physics at the University of Maryland. He plans on going to graduate school to study the intersection of condensed matter and high energy density plasma physics. He currently does research with an experimental condensed matter physics group at UMD. He is also active in the Society of Physics Students. In addition to physics, Landry likes board games as is an avid runner.

Jennifer Liang

Liang Xiao (Jennifer) is currently a senior undergraduate student at University of Maryland—College Park. With the hope and dream to become a physicist, she has joined the physics community in Maryland. Jennifer is a really curious person and loves to discover solutions to the mysteries. What could be better than the feeling of successfully solving a problem? Her goal is to overcome all of the difficulties one has to take to become a theoretical physicist/astrophysicist. Of course, that is not going to be the end of her journey. She hope that one day she will be able to lend her hand to someone else who needs help.

Tamar Lambert-Brown

Lambert Tamar is an undergraduate in physics at the University of Maryland. After completing a degree in physics, he has plans to work in a research lab for a few years before going on to graduate school hopefully in the field of quantum mechanics or theoretical physics. He currently plans to begin doing research in Super Symmetry with the undergraduate Super Symmetry group at the University of Maryland. Outside of school he enjoys rock climbing and running as a past-time.

Sarah Monk

Monk Sarah is pursuing a double degree in Physics and Computer Science at The University of Maryland. She is active with the Society of Physics Students on campus, currently serving as Secretary, and well as being a member of The Association of Women in Computing and AIGA, The Professional Association for Design. Outside of class, Sarah likes to relax with a good book, bake up a storm, and do DIY and craft projects.

Amir Oskoui

Oskoui Amir is a senior studying Physics and Applied Mathematics at University of Maryland. He thoroughly enjoy studying Quantum Information/Computation and its relations to Condensed Matter. In addition to physics, Amir enjoys Horseback Riding, Rock Climbing and discussions of Philosophy and Science.

Isu Ravi

Ravi Isu is a transfer student currently majoring in physics and astronomy. She hopes to go onto graduate school and do research in cosmology.

Merideth Reiser

Reiser Merideth is an undergraduate physics and astronomy student at the University of Maryland. She recently received the Ralph Myers and Friends of Physics Award for her work as a TA. In addition to physics, she enjoys baking, creating art and reading.

Nicholas Salazar

Salazar Nicholas is currently an undergraduate physics and computer science student at the University of Maryland, College Park. He plans on going to graduate school, but has not decided his specialty. In the sparse free time that he has, he enjoys relaxing with a video game as part of a gaming community that he is involved with.

Joshua Samuel

Samuel Ever since Joshua was a kid, his brother led him to love science through showing him videos, science books, and magazines about dinosaurs and nature, as well as many other things. Later in life, Joshua fell in love with physics and have shared that passion one semester by becoming a TA for Physics 1010 at Prince Georges Community College. He is now pursuing a bachelor’s in physics and hopes to later attend graduate school.

Bill Yang

Yang An immigrant from China about 4 years ago, Bill is currently a junior physics major. His goal is to go into graduate school and learn more about physics. He is currently doing research with the CMS experiment at CERN. His favorite writer is Milan Kundera.

2015 S-STEM Graduates

December 2015

Austin Gerrety

Eliana Powers





May 2015

Hoyoung Kang

Lenore Koeninig

Erin Uhlfelder